DIY Arch Cabinet

Let’s transform a beautiful arch cabinet, & turn it into a style that fits a modern home perfectly! I like all of my DIY’s to be fairly inexpensive, so I took time to search Facebook Marketplace for a cabinet that would have potential for a DIY, without looking tacky or outdated. My vision was inspired by a Crate & Barrel arch cabinet that costs $2,000. I wanted to cut that price drastically down in order to call this a successful transformation. I found my personal arch cabinet on Marketplace for $130 & knew I could dupe it to resemble the Crate & Barrel one.

Fresh off the Marketplace! Ready to be renewed.
Crate & Barrel inspiration – an unrealistic (for me) $2,000.

Let’s get started on the step-by-step process for how I did this DIY!

Step 1: remove the glass from the cabinet. Mine came with removable silicone inserts, so this was easy to do. If you are trying to complete this DIY & yours isn’t like mine, I would first YouTube the process for removing your specific glass if it doesn’t have the inserts, so you aren’t risking a mess-up.

Step 2: sand the wood in its entirety. I used 120 grit.

Step 3: prime the wood cabinet with BIN primer. This can be found at almost any hardware store. Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc.

Step 4: paint the wood cabinet. I used Sherwin Williams cabinet & furniture paint in satin finish. I added the color Black Magic to the cabinet & furniture paint. Yes, mix it right in! I did two coats on the entire cabinet (minus the glass, of course).

Step 5: seal entire wood cabinet with clear Polycrylic Protective Finish. One coat should suffice. Place the glass black in after it has dried.

Step 6: style your new cabinet with decor that fits your room esthetic! I love books, mini baskets, candle sticks, neutral & green dried floral, wooden pieces, & small vases.

My recommendation would be to check your local Facebook marketplace or even thrift stores that carry large furniture pieces to find your own to DIY & dupe. Happy looking!