DIY Bamboo Privacy Blinds

Have you always loved the look of a privacy bamboo blind, but didn’t want to spend $300.00 on the privacy feature of that beloved blind? After searching multiple websites with no inexpensive option, I personally created the viral fabric hack that you will LOVE, & your wallets will thank you even more!

First, watch my Instagram reel here.

Materials needed:
•Bamboo Blind from Walmart
•Muslin fabric from a craft store (how much fabric you need will depend on what size blind you get for your window). I bought 3 yards (36 inches per yard) just to be on the generous end.
•Hot glue gun
•Hot glue sticks
Note: It will take two people to do this DIY successfully.

Walmart Bamboo Blinds Found Here

I am going to break every step down for you to make this a smooth process, with no confusion or room for error. It will help if you’ve watched the reel above *before* reading the steps below. Follow each step closely so you don’t find yourself needing to redo anything. Ok, let’s get started so yours can look like …this!

Step 1: Flip the bamboo blind over so the white cords are face-up (this is the back side). Make sure you have someone putting tension on the bamboo blinds so it’s perfectly flat – this is important.

Step 2: Using your hot glue gun, follow the seam stitches on the *back* of the blind & add the glue. Place the fabric right on top. Work quickly, & be generous with the glue. Go all the way down the side, & then across the bottom, up the other side, & finish across the top. Make sure you are not pulling the *fabric* too tight. Keep the *blind* tight, or you will not be able to move the blind up & down once finished.

Step 3: Trim off excess fabric on all sides of the blind.

Step 4: Hang the blind, & make sure that it moves up and down easily. Whew, DONE!

Total project cost per blind: $75. Compare this to $300, & you’ve found yourself a creative, successful DIY under your belt!

Feel free to message me on my Instagram account for any questions or comments from this DIY creation.
xo, Ashley