DIY Concrete Coffee Table

Let’s break this DIY down & show you all that a concrete coffee table can be made for fairly inexpensive! But first, watch how I compiled this DIY together in my reel, found here.

What sparked my interest in loving these concrete tables was these pictured below for $1,800. They are gorgeous, but they are just too expensive.

I knew I could recreate it for far less of a price, so let’s lay out how I did it!

Step 1: use melamine board from Lowe’s & an outdoor vinyl piece to create the mold.
Melamine board found here.

Step 2: make a wood frame. Use a screw at the seem to hold it in place. Put a piece of tape over it to keep it from showing in the concrete. Use wood supports on the outside to hold everything in place. 

Step 3: caulk the inside *before* putting the concrete into place.

Step 4: mix the concrete. You can shop all concrete supplies from Zcounterform. The instructions on how to properly mix are listed on the concrete bag itself. I used two bags of concrete. I filled them to 2 inches in height on the form.

Link to Zcounterform found here.

Step 5: add 1 scoop of coloring to make the color turn grey. Note: it first comes white.

Step 6: smooth everything out, & let it dry for 2 days before taping for the vinyl mold.

Step 7: seal it with Zcounterform sealer.

My dimensions for the concrete were 30 inches across, & 2 inches in height. I personally would recommend doing 36 inches across, as ours turned out smaller than anticipated.

Now we move on to making the legs of the coffee table!

Step 1: use 2×4 wood pieces from Lowe’s & cut at a 45 degree angle. We used a saw & chisel to cut out the center of two of them to create the seamless “x” shape that you see below.

Step 2: use screws & glue to attach the pieces together.
Step 3: stain the wood pieces. We used golden oak by Minwax.
Step 4: use gorilla glue to attach the concrete slab to the top of the base & make sure it is secure. Please note – this is extremely heavy, so use caution & have help.

This completes the step-by-step instructions for our very own DIY concrete coffee table. In total, this project cost us $150. We are very happy with how it turned out for the price we spent attempting it. Let’s look & see how it looks in our living room!

For anyone who wants to give this a try, I say it’s totally worth it. It’s a fun project, & the concrete table is able to be styled any way to match your home, with a long durable life ahead!