DIY Half Bath

My goal for this bathroom was to show that you can take the smallest space almost imaginable, and make it feel & appear bigger, so you & anyone else who uses a half bath can feel comfortable, & not cramped. This green colored, bird patterned wallpaper of a mini bathroom just had to get a Modernly refresh!

Be sure to watch my reel *here* to see the process from start to finish for a visual before you continue reading the step-by-step’s.

Let’s get started on the DIY instructions:

Step 1: remove all the old decor and fixtures from the bathroom before beginning to paint. Step 2: paint walls with Sherwin Williams Emerald in extra white satin finish. This is my favorite white to use – feels clean & fresh.

Step 3: rip up old flooring. Once the floors are clear, install the new flooring. We went with Lantern Glow Chestnut by LL Flooring. This brand & color is the flooring in all other redone spaces of our home.

Flooring found here

Step 4: add baseboard and baseboard heater cover. I have a saved highlight & reel on how we originally made these if you need to go back & find the how-to.

Now, it is time to begin the slat wall DIY!

Step 1: We bought 1 inch by 2 inch by 8 feet sized pine board from Lowes to create this slat wall. I bought a total of 20 boards. I left a 1/4 inch gap between each board on the wall. Note: the number of boards uses will depend on the size of your wall. The bigger the wall, the more boards.
Pine board found here

Step 2: stain each board with a stain pad *before* assembling them to the wall. They need to be fully dry before assembly.

Staining details: store – Lowes. Brand of stain – Minwax. Color – Golden Oak.
Stain found here

Stain pad found here

Step 3: cut board to the heights you need, & use a brad nail gun & nails. We used a 2 inch nail size.

Brad nailer gun found here

Step 4: since we are leaving a 1/4 inch gap between each board, we found a few scrap pieces of wood that were that 1/4 inch in width to help keep the gap size between each board consist. This step isn’t necessary, but helpful.

Step 5: hang the boards. This part is a 2 person job. One person holds the board, & the other takes the spacers (shown below) & puts one at the top, one in the middle, & one at the end to make sure everything is even. Then you can staple away with the brad nail gun!

Step 6: our last step for this remodel – add in the new vanity light, hang the arched mirror, & move in the vanity & faucet.

Just a few finishing decor touches and we are done!
Find vanity light here

Find vanity here

Find arched mirror here

Find faucet here

Find the decor here

With just a smidge of TLC & creativity, you can turn a tiny, tight & rather dull space into a modern and fresh welcoming bathroom! I know you can do this too!