Meet Me At Modernly

Hey friends! Welcome to the blog page of Modernly You. My name is Ashley Elaine — I live in Pennsylvania, USA with my husband of 5+ years, Michael, & our happy baby boy, Beckam, who joined us this past July of 2022.

I’ve lived in the same small town my whole life — comfort is my zone. I grew up with parents who built homes from the ground up, so naturally, the design aspect of creating a home turned into my own passion that I’ve been living out for the last few years. I used to despise going to Lowe’s as a child, as we were there probably 3x a week, & now that it’s part of my weekly routine for my business, I genuinely enjoy a bi-weekly trip to the hardware stores.

I work from home all the while being a mom to Beckam, so my goal is to keep things easy & obtainable with all our DIY projects & hopefully it’ll encourage you that you can too, however busy your work & home life may be. My husband Michael does not work from home with me — he has his own full-time job at our church, so all he does to help with Modernly & our home (which is a lot!), is from the goodness of his hard-working heart.

Many have asked how I manage working from home with a baby while creating DIY’s, renovating our home, & producing content for my business. My mom & grandmother, who live in the same town as us, help care for Beckam when I can’t balance it all in one day — which rarely anyone can!

My favorite color palate to work with is neutrals. We recently bought a fixer upper home & have started the remodeling & DIY projects all throughout with a modern, bright, yet simple style. My blogs will hopefully make you feel confident in yourself to recreate your own space, just as I have & will continue on doing. Yes, you’ll find that it’s possible to take an ordinary space, learn how to give it some TLC, & turn it into your very own modern dream space.

I’ve added this blog tab to my website so I can better describe how to execute DIY’s, answer popular questions from you all, share in-depth design, lifestyle, & motherhood thoughts, & generally have this space to write about what you’re interested in hearing from me. Thank you for following along, & keep joining me here as I take standard spaces & make them Modernly!