Modernly Kitchen

A complete renovation in this kitchen space has successfully started & ended! Before we learn each step-by-step in our transformation, first let’s start with watching the kitchen process from beginning to end, to provide background knowledge before reading each step below.

Watch kitchen reel here.

Now – let’s begin!

Step 1: remove all old cabinets. We sold these cabinets to our local friend who has his own rental properties, so they were put to good use!

Step 2: install new cabinets. We chose RTA Cabinet brand in the color Florence White Shaker. Our local friend Steve helped us level the cabinets, which is a necessity in this step!
Find cabinets here.
Use code “SAMPLESMY” for two free door samples! These are really great quality, & slow to close drawers.

Step 3: add an entirely new sink & faucet, farmhouse/gold style! We found our sink from Wayfair, & our faucet from Amazon. All links are below:

Find farmhouse sink here

Find Amazon sink drain here

Find Amazon faucet here

Find Amazon kitchen hardware here

Step 4: replace old countertops with new. We ripped out the old, & laid down the new from a semi-local store called Classic Rock in Mechanicsburg, PA. We chose Aterra Blanca by Ceaserstone. Watch reel here of our countertop reveal!

Step 5: expand kitchen window. My vision was to renovate the existing window to an all-black grid casement window, with black grids on the inside & out. We had this window custom made, which added cost to our project, but added even more character, making it worth the added cost. Watch window reveal here.

Step 6: create a range hood for over the stovetop. Material needed: 2×4 wood, drywall or plywood, joint compound, & a range hood pre-made kit. Watch the reel here from start to finish!
Find range hood kit here.
Find range hood fan here.

Step 7: tile the backsplash! We used muscle bound to apply the tile to the walls. We chose Angora Subway tile from Home Depot. This color choice was a perfect shade to break up most of the white in our kitchen, & brought warm tones with it. We used a table saw with a tile blade to cut these pieces to fit in every nook & cranny. What you’ll need to complete this tiling project: two sponges, 2 buckets, floating tool for grout, & grout itself. We used Fusion Pro Bright White grout from Home Depot. Watch range hood reveal here!

Find Home Depot tile here.
Find muscle bound here.
Find Amazon table saw here.
Find Lowes floating tool here.
Find Home Depot grout here.

Step 8: complete crown molding! I recommend using RTA’s Florence White crown molding found here. Phew, we made it this far! Now to see the final crown molding reveal… watch it here!

Frequently asked question: “how much did your entire kitchen renovation cost!?” Let’s break down everything below.

Countertops: $9,000.

Cabinets & crown molding: $15,000.

Note* cabinets were a gift from RTA Cabinets.

Window: $1,666. Labor & installation: $2,600.

Appliances: $11,067

Tile & grout: $775

Range Hood Fan Insert: $200.

Supplies/painting/plaster kit: $300

Pendant lights: $600.

Note* lights were a gift from HunterFanCo.

Find pendant lights here

Shiplap for back of island: $170

Nathan James Barstools: $415

Find barstools sold on Amazon here

Farmhouse sink & faucet: $340

All kitchen hardware: $289

GRAND TOTAL: $42,422.00

Wow – that’s our wrap! We are so pleased with our work, our friends & hired hands, & even happier that it is all completed just in time for a fresh start to the New Year!